Rare or well done? How do you like your meat?

Meats are nutrient-rich foods, no matter if you prepare it little or well done, the difference is in the flavor and juiciness. Cooking graduations depend on the color, internal temperature and juiciness you prefer.



It is a steak that has been cooked for a short time. At its center, it remains fresh and red. It can be said that it is only cooked on the outside and the inside is raw.




Well-cooked steaks look brown on the outside. To achieve this, it is recommended to cook them on low heat to prevent them from hardening.


There are specific cooking methods for each type of steak. How would you like it?


Sirloin: It is served rare, tender, and juicy. It is recommended not to cook it for a long time so it does not harden.


Rib Eye: Let the rib cook for six to eight minutes to ensure delicious flavor and juiciness. It is one inch thick, so it will cook in that time.


T-Bone: This piece of meat from the loin can be left cooking for longer, depending on how you want it.


Filet Mignon: This tender steak taken from the loin is cooked rare to maximize its flavor.

New York Strip Steak: They are strips of steaks extracted from beef tenderloin; they only need between six and eight minutes to cook, on average.