Certified Angus Beef: What Is It? Discover its Benefits

Angus meat is a type of cattle rather than a quality of meat. It comes from the Aberdeen Angus breed, which is a breed of cattle that started in Scotland but is currently raised this type of livestock around the world.


The seal Angus is when the meat must meet certain characteristics and quality standards to be able to carry this seal

Benefits of Certified Angus Beef

– It contains essential amino acids in quantities equivalent to those needed by the human body.


– It is a food rich in minerals such as iron and zinc. The latter is necessary for the functioning of the immune system, also collaborating on the work and development of the body’s organs.


– It is recommended for the intake in athletes and sportspeople, helping them to maintain their energy level, and collaborating in the regeneration of the muscular tissue of the body.


– It has a high content of vitamins of the B group, which allows a correct absorption of fats and proteins, as well as helping the proper functioning of the nervous system.